Mobile care is now also required to have FFP2 masks and tests – Covid-19 protection


 The  good news for those who live or work in nursing and old people’s homes: the federal states reported 415 positive cases to the Ministry of Health every day. Two months ago it was 3,236, at the beginning of December it was 4,194 – ten times as many. “This positive development was made possible by strict measures and the high level of commitment of all those involved”, Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) informed the public.

© The  development should not be jeopardized lightly by expanding the number of visits (currently one person per week for a maximum of 30 minutes), as the President of the SPÖ Pensioners’ Association, Peter Kostelka, had demanded, because the vaccinations are still in place not concluded: “Not all old people’s and nursing homes have yet been vaccinated with the necessary second sting.”

For a long time only voluntary mobile care was available

© The  less good news received Neos MP Gerald Loacker in response to a parliamentary question on mobile care and 24-hour care. Although, according to Ages, the mortality rate for people over 85 with Covid-19 is generally 14.6 percent, a negative Covid-19 test was only guaranteed for 24-hour care through the entry regulations until recently. ©

 The  supervisors must therefore “free” from the ten-day quarantine obligation after entry. For mobile care workers who did not come from abroad, however, there were recommendations for action such as hygiene, ventilation or the obligation to protect the mouth and nose; but no test requirement for a long time. Instead, voluntary participation in the screening tests organized by the federal states was planned for them since August 2020. Since October 2020 there has also been the option of a rapid antigen test once a week.

Because of the country’s competence, the Ministry of Health had no overview of whether the offers were being used. “It is more likely that that did not happen,” suspects Loacker. “Otherwise it would have been noted in the request.” He has the feeling that “the ministry is performing its tasks selectively and too often refers to country competence”. In normal times, the health minister is “a king without a country – that’s not true in pandemic times, he could order”.

Order was made with the addition of the ordinance

This order is now available with the addition of the fourth Covid-19 Protective Measures Ordinance, valid from February 18: ©

 The re is now an obligation to test every seven days for mobile care in order to enter the workplace. A negative antigen rapid test or a PCR test result from the last 48 hours is also required here. Because the regulation for body-close service providers of February 8th was supplemented by places “where health services are provided”. It is no longer just about “bed-leading” places such as rehabilitation or spa facilities, as was originally noted. So far, an FFP2 mask could be worn instead of the test, but not in the future.

On the contrary: With the ordinance, health and care service providers are also required to wear CPA or FFP2 masks throughout. Late, but the Covid-19 protection regulations have also reached mobile care.

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Mobile care required FFP2 masks tests Covid19 protection


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