Model posts video about Body Positivity – and is heavily criticized for it


Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio (29) is committed to body positivity – but many people see it critically. Image: / Sonia Moskowitz

Model posts video about Body Positivity – and is heavily criticized for it

Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio wanted to campaign for body positivity with a video on Instagram and Tiktok. “Be nice to others and to yourself, and please stop commenting on changes in other people’s bodies,” she wrote below.

In the video, the 29-year-old shows herself in a bikini in different poses and explains that bodies can look very different. She wants to show that she is not flawless and that her body does not always look the way it appears in the photos. On the one hand, she gets a lot of likes and comments like “I love you for that! Thank you for showing yourself from such angles! You look beautiful” – but she is also heavily criticized.

 The  criticism of this is that the model has too perfect a body for the video. In particular, one video taking up this criticism went viral.

Raffela Mancuso, who writes about herself in her Instagram profile “Diet Culture Disturber”, describes her point of view. In her video, she says, “It’s great that people want to normalize the blemishes on our bodies. Society and diet culture have taught us to hate our bodies for so long, so it’s good for people to do it help to get rid of it “.

From their point of view, however, the problem is that slimness is too central to this process. “She already has the ‘ideal’ body type. A body like hers is already praised in society, but we have to talk about the general problem of fat phobia,” says Raffela Mancuso. And further: © The  problem is, only voices are heard by thin people. In my opinion, they need to make way for those who really need to be heard for a while.”


 The  video is shared widely and many people agree with her in the comments. “Yes! Thank you! It’s so frustrating that such videos are the focus of body positivity,” writes one user.


“This is healthy!”: British cosmopolitan celebrates body positivity with a new cover


 The  cover of the February issue of the British women’s magazine “CosmopolitanW” caused a sensation. It shows three women – one slim, two slightly thicker. ©

 The  magazine also had the headline in large letters “This is healthy!” tells the stories of eleven women with the most varied of bodies, or more precisely, of how women suffered for years from the current ideal of beauty because they did not conform to it and therefore dealt with diets and wrong …

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Model posts video Body Positivity heavily criticized


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