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City mission employees help homeless people with the cold bus. Photo: Annette Riedl / dpa (Annette Riedl / dpa)


 The  Berlin Cold Aid has increased the number of places for the homeless in view of the persistent winter weather at the weekend. According to the Senate Department for Social Affairs, there are currently more than 1,500 places available – according to the information, more than ever before.

If necessary, it is possible to put other facilities into operation, said a spokesman on Saturday on request. “We are monitoring the situation and seeing how it develops.” Temperatures of well below zero are also forecast for the night on Sunday.


 The  so-called heat buses from aid organizations such as the German Red Cross (DRK) in Berlin were in use again. For example, they provide the homeless with blankets, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and hot tea or drive them to the emergency shelters.

A DRK spokesman said on Saturday that there were up to ten vehicles in each heat bus. However, the number of calls to the heat bus hotline has decreased. “So that one can assume that the situation has improved and that the short-term increase in the heat bus fleet has paid off,” said the spokesman.

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