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School doctors and teachers are sounding the alarm: Some young people are now absent from class because they have eating disorders. For therapists, it’s not about diet mania, the problems lie deeper. “We observe that young people are challenged in the most extreme way in this situation”, explained the psychotherapist Harriet Vrana in “Vienna Today”.

For Vrana, it’s about “trying to get rid of feelings for young people.  The y then deal with eating and not eating and eating a lot and eating little and above all with appearance, because they have no other content in their lives. ”In the current pandemic, those affected would not have the opportunity to do what is developmental psychologically necessary is.

Eating disorders in adolescents are on the rise


 The  month-long lockdown leaves its mark on many young people in particular. Eating disorders, especially among young women, have increased massively.

Young men also affected

Eating disorders mainly affect girls between the ages of eleven and 18, but more and more young men are also affected. At the AKH, people with severe eating disorders are treated as inpatients. According to a study, the majority of schoolchildren with eating disorders have never had treatment.


 The  reason for this is probably not just shame, but also the lack of cheap therapy places. ©

 The re are just six inpatient places at the AKH. “In Vienna, for example, we have a 50 percent lack of inpatient structures where these patients would be in good hands,” explained Andreas Karwautz, head of the outpatient clinic for eating disorders at Vienna General Hospital.

This can have serious consequences for the body, such as kidney failure or heart problems. Psychotherapy cash registers have increased in recent years, but they say a lot more is needed. Harriet Vrana’s appeal to those affected: “Get some fresh air, listen to music. Also dance in the room at least move, even if it is just a copy of what it is actually about. “

Feeling of loss of control

For Klaudia Kollenz, who suffered from eating disorders, “the most important thing was to see a doctor, not lock yourself up at home. It is very important to pay attention to your own needs. ”©

 The  worst thing was being alone, said Kollenz in“ Wien heute ”:“ And the feeling that you don’t know what to do next. You have the feeling that you are in control losing and eating behavior gives you the feeling of regaining control.

Several counseling centers offer help with eating disorders – such as the Sowhat hotline, the eating disorder hotline, advice on wire, the emergency psychological service Austria, the psychological counseling center for students in Vienna, the General Hospital and the Barmherzige Schwestern hospital.

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