MotoGP 21 is full throttle in spring


(MST / – Even if it is currently not foreseeable how the new season of the premier class of motorcycle sport will go and what, even short-term, effects the pandemic may have on the seasonal calendar and the races, it is clear that MotoGP will also take place in 2021.

MotoGP 21 starts on PC and video consoles in April


In addition to the real races, there is also a PC and video game from Milestone. ©

 The  studio from Milan has just officially announced MotoGP 21 – watch the announcement trailer here – for April 22nd.

In addition to PC (Steam, Epic Store), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, MotoGP 21 will also be launched for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S right from the start. Anyone who thinks that this is just a warmed-up version from the previous year with adapted graphics here and there or small improvements is mistaken. A new strategic manager career mode, the advanced neural AI and real-life gameplay innovations improve the simulation experience and the empathy of the players for their bike.

New features on and off the track


 The  final piece of the puzzle for a grandiose performance is the next level of ANNA, Milestone’s revolutionary AI based on machine learning. She’s back on the grid with additional improvements, and she will compete in races faster, smarter, and more astute than ever before, bringing the offline experience into line with real races.

For all those who enjoy organizing their team in addition to the adrenaline rush while driving, a revised manager career mode is at the start. New features on and off the track allow you to dive deeper into the sport. It is important to put together the best possible team and to find the optimal settings for the bikes. ©

 The  speed on the race weekend depends largely on the preparation.

MotoGP 21

First screenshots for MotoGP 21 Zoom


 The  personal manager is a key figure. He helps the drivers find new, prestigious contracts with the best teams. ©

 The  chief engineer is at his side. He takes care of the research points that are earned weekly or in the free training sessions. Last but not least, the data analyst has an important role. He finds the perfect balance in every development and thus ensures the maximum effectiveness and dynamism of the employees. ©

 The se elements are ready to deliver the best career experience ever in a MotoGP game. ©

 The  path via a junior team is also available to every aspiring champion.

Better managerial career


 The  path through a junior team will be harder, but at the same time more personal. Hiring the right people is the key to success. Starting with the team manager, who is on the lookout for new sponsors and drivers, to the technical director, who heads the research and development department of the junior team. Of course, players must not forget to hire a driver who has the skills to bring the team to the front. In both scenarios, the bike is the real protagonist in MotoGP 21.

With the help of the numerous settings, this year’s title moves a bit closer to reality. ©

 The  employees can take care of various areas of motorcycle development. Research and development points can be used to improve the engine, aerodynamics, frame and electronic features such as traction control, brakes, anti-wheelie function and power mapping. Of course, players can also give their bike the look they want. ©

 The refore the editor is integrated again this year. It is divided into five categories: helmet, paintwork, suit, sticker and race number.

More realistic than ever

MotoGP 21


 The re is also action on a wet slope Zoom

For MotoGP 21, Milestone promises an even more realistic racing experience than ever. Manager mode is just one of the many improvements made in this year’s release. ©

 The  gameplay also offers some new features. ©

 The  developers create an electrifying, strategic and adrenaline-charged racing simulation like it has never been seen before.

Respawn was yesterday: After a fall, the motorcycle is not automatically teleported back onto the track. From now on the rider has to get up again, sprint to the bike as quickly as possible and get on again. Players should be careful how they take turns!

Temperature: Driving is not just about pure speed, but also about the right strategy. To keep the situation under control, it is necessary to take a close look at the temperature of the brakes. If they are too hot or too cool, this affects their effectiveness.

PS5 and Xbox Series X versions shine in terms of graphics and speed

Long Lap Penalty: ©

 The  video game also implements this feature from now on. This means that the penalties imposed are tailored even more specifically to the respective offense.

Revised motorcycle suspension: ©

 The  level of realism was increased again. This feature will delight all simulation lovers.

2021 is the year of the new generation of consoles and MotoGP 21 is also ready to introduce some technical innovations. Players who enjoy the title on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X benefit from the dynamic resolution with up to 4K and 60FPS. ©

 The  general image quality has been improved and, together with the new lighting, creates a unique world that transfers the sensations of the real races onto the digital stage. Loading times are reduced and for those who cannot live without the action of the competition, online races with up to 22 drivers are now possible.

After the release announced for April 22, 2021, MotoGP 21, like its direct predecessor, will be improved and expanded over the months with new game content and updates.

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MotoGP full throttle spring


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