Munich: Driver can no longer find his Porsche Cayenne



 The  search notice in Munich causes astonishment: A red Porsche Cayenne is wanted. A car that shouldn’t be overlooked is meant to be. But this should have been lost in Munich in February 2021. “My wife and I were there for business negotiations in the Isarvorstadt”, it is written there. “Bild” published a photo of the note which is said to have been discovered at a cigarette machine in Zenettistrasse.

You can read further: “To our great regret, I forgot where I parked our red Porsche Cayenne and so the three of us (with our chauffeur) were forced to drive my wife’s car to our office (real estate) in Grünwald. to return.”

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He would have sent the domestic workers to search “a few times” – without success. It is his favorite car for the city, writes the searching driver. “Hence my appeal to the neighborhood: Who has seen a red Porsche Cayenne in the Isarvorstadt that seems to be parking man-less?” You can email information to [email protected] It is still unclear whether it is a serious search ad.

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Munich Driver longer find Porsche Cayenne


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