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“Porsche Cayenne lost” is written on a note at the cigarette machine on Zenettistrasse. Sender: an anonymous businessman. A real estate shark, maybe? How nice when your own prejudices are so admirably confirmed.

It actually reminds us of days long gone, when people drove drunk and drowned and went home to someone they had just met.  The  next day they woke up and asked themselves, stunned: “Who is that next to me? And where did I park the damn car?”

One might think of such times when one reads the headline on the note at the cigarette machine in Zenettistrasse: “Attention – dear fellow citizen: Porsche Cayenne lost”. An anonymous reports there that he met his wife a few days ago about business matters in the Isarvorstadt, but after that he could not remember where he parked his red Porsche. “So we felt compelled,” it continues, “the three of us (with our chauffeur) in my wife’s car to return to our office (real estate) in Grünwald.”

Even the domestic workers, sent to search in Munich, could not have found the body, “my favorite car for the city”. ©

 The refore we ask for relevant information at the email address “[email protected]”.

How nice it is when your own prejudices are so perfectly confirmed. One imagines how a ruthless real estate shark and vain bullfinch, completely drunk with the greed for money, does not find his stupid show-off cart again after he had previously coldly told his terrified tenants that they unfortunately have to move because the run-down old building at the slaughterhouse soon to be launched as “Meat Packer’s Paradise”. You could then apply, “from 2.5 million euros you are there, but only in the cute attic minilofts”.

Yes, that’s how you imagine it. ©

 The  e-mail address is a little suspicious. Gmx, isn’t that a bit common for Grünwald, a kind of lower-class service? Will the finder’s fee then even be transferred from a Postbank account? So maybe the whole thing is just an artistic protest. Possibly from a cyclist!

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Munich Porsche drivers longer find Porsche Munich


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