Musk: Bitcoin and Ethereum rates appear high


Tesla boss Elon Musk has once again got involved in the discussion about digital currencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum prices appeared high, Musk wrote on Twitter yesterday.  The  billionaire responded to a tweet from a user who said gold was better than bitcoin and cash.

© The  boss of the e-car builder added that money is only data that can be used to avoid the inconvenience of bartering. Apart from that, the prices for Bitcoin and Ethereum looked high. Both cryptocurrencies had recently achieved new records.

Bitcoin is a purely digital currency that can be used to send money anonymously around the globe in seconds. © The  cyber currency broke a sound barrier in its record hunt on Friday: For the first time, according to data provider CoinMarketCap, all Bitcoin in circulation were worth more than a trillion dollars. © The  Bitcoin price climbed to a record of $ 57,553 over the weekend.

Tesla fueled Bitcoin course

© The  Bicoin rally only really picked up speed when Tesla announced it had invested 1.5 billion in Bitcoin. Musk is considered a fan of cryptocurrencies. He had given both Bitcoin and other internet currencies a boost with positive tweets in the past few weeks.

While some analysts see further upside potential, critics warn of the risks of highly volatile digital currencies, which are hardly used in the real economy but mainly serve as fodder for speculation. © The  current prices are significantly higher than the fair value, says JP Morgan.

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Musk Bitcoin Ethereum rates high


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