Mutations – antidote lockdown as undiluted as possible


 The  British have come down a difficult path. Heavier and more sacrificed than any other country in Europe. © The y made mistakes that the Germans avoided. But they learned from it. Conversely, we can now learn from the British. Because what is only just beginning in Germany – the spread of dangerous corona mutations – you have already done that on the island. Winter in the Kingdom is probably a preview of the German summer. It can get very bad. How bad, that’s up to us.

Rising temperatures won’t help us

B 1.1.7. is significantly more contagious than the original corona virus. Scientists in Great Britain tracked him down when they observed exactly what is currently being observed in Germany: the number of infections stagnated at first, then rose exponentially, even though the country was down. At its peak, 68,000 new infections were counted in just one day in England. A little later, more than 1,800 people died of COVID, also in one day. ©

 The  hospitals were at the attack.

Plastic tubes with corona smears after PCR test in the large Bioscientia laboratory (dpa) (dpa) How the new corona variants are spreading in Germany

 The  new corona variants have now also been detected in Germany. For this purpose, virologists use special PCR tests tailored to the respective variant.

One can rightly say that the English health system is not as well equipped as the German one. What you shouldn’t expect, however, is that things won’t turn out so bad in Germany. That the virus will retreat in the summer. That it will be like last year. In South Africa it was midsummer the last few months. Nevertheless, the Corona curve rose dramatically because of the South African mutant. Unlike in 2020, rising temperatures won’t bail us out this time. On the contrary: if it is relaxed now, Germany will experience what the kingdom had to go through in winter: the impending loss of all control in the pandemic. And then what?

Better to be too careful than too little


 The  British had two means of counteracting the development: A strict lockdown. And vaccine. It is well known that there is not enough of this in Germany. And what little is badly inoculated. This makes it all the more important to administer at least the second antidilute as undiluted as possible: the lockdown. At the moment that means not to open. Better to grumble about fancy vacation trips than mourn family and friends who might still be alive if politicians had acted more responsibly.


 The  British have the most dramatic numbers behind them for now. You can afford to go back to normal by March. However, the relaxation comes slowly, gradually, with long pauses in order to maintain control. Everything is subject to the proviso that funny will end immediately if the situation changes dramatically again. Even the notoriously light-footed Prime Minister in London has learned his lesson and prefers to exercise too much rather than too little caution. Doing the same thing shouldn’t be too difficult for sensible, goal-oriented Germans.

Christine Heuer (Deutschlandradio / Bettina Fürst-Fastré)Christine Heuer (Deutschlandradio / Bettina Fürst-Fastré) Christine Heuer, born 1967 in Bonn, studied German, philosophy, history and English. She was a freelance correspondent for Deutschlandfunk in the Bonn and Berlin capital studios, state correspondent in North Rhine-Westphalia and the chief editor in Cologne. This year she was most recently editor in the news department and for many years presented the program “Informations am Morgen” on Deutschlandfunk. She has been reporting as a correspondent from Great Britain and Ireland since 2020.

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Mutations antidote lockdown undiluted


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