“My eyes are everywhere”: Sarah Lombardi is jealous!


For Sarah Lombardi (28) it couldn’t be better at the moment.  The  musician recently released her new song “Ich”, in which she sings about self-doubt and mistakes from her past. And Alessio Lombardi’s (5) mother’s love is currently going well: She has been with professional soccer player Julian Büscher (27) for over a year and has even been engaged since the end of last year. Now the singer has revealed private details about their relationship!

In a question and answer session on hers Instagram-Account, the 28-year-old was asked if she was actually jealous. “I trust Julian 100 percent, but a little jealousy is still part of it “, said the former DSDS candidate. She joked that she had her eyes everywhere. © www.de24.news

 The  “Te Amo Mi Amor” interpreter also revealed that she is currently very happy. No wonder, because the two lovebirds want to say yes this year.

But not only the relationship and her little son contribute to the happiness of the singer. “I’ve already celebrated the greatest success for me – the one in my heart,” said Sarah. It is not a question of always wanting to be the best and fastest in order to be successful. “Real success takes place entirely with you – in your heart”she explained.

Julian Büscher and Sarah Lombardi in the Maldives
Sarah Lombardi and Julian Büscher
Sarah Lombardi, juror for “Pretty in Plüsch”

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