My year with Christian Drosten


As a global community, we got caught up in something that seemed unimaginable a year ago, although epidemiologists have long expected it: a pandemic, the course of which humanity can for the first time in history follow in practically real time. Drosten’s podcast has fascinated me and millions of others for a year, well beyond our need for news about the disease.

A year ago nobody knew the name Christian Drosten outside of top virological research. But as early as March, the Charité professor and expert on emerging viruses became one of the most famous people in Germany. Whereby “known” has an unusual range: Drosten is admired, adored and hated abysmally. We should not be interested in this second part – the vilifications, malicious distortions of his quotes, the death threats and disgusting photo montages that are raised by brutalized demonstrators (and no, freedom of expression is not what counts, but a minimum of manners!), Should not interest us; they assume a minority, albeit one that is receiving too much attention.

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