Natascha Ochsenknecht: shock recording! What happened to her face


Natascha Ochsenknecht worries her fans with an Instagram video.

 The  “burning” question: what happened to her face?

Berlin – Natascha Ochsenknecht leads a colorful, crazy life. © The  56-year-old makes it anything but a secret. She likes to give insights into her life on Instagram, shares crazy stories and moments from her everyday life with her 225,000 followers. Recently it turned red in Natascha’s colorful world, rather unplanned. ©

 The re was a really painful looking incident that worried fans.

Natascha Ochsenknecht shared a video with her fans on Instagram. She can be seen without make-up at home. Her skin on her face is just as bright red as the sweater she’s wearing. Several spots appear to be swollen. A sight that worries fans and celebrities. “Ouch”, writes Jenny Elvers under the article. “You poor”, comment Ilka Bessin and “©

 The  Masked Singer” judge Ruth Moschner – and wish you a speedy recovery. Her followers also respond with worried comments. But what happened to Natascha’s face?

Natascha Ochsenknecht: Her face is fiery red – that happened

In the video, Natascha explains where the painful sight comes from. An unpleasant beauty mishap is behind it. ©

 The  reason: Natascha forgot to wash her hands – and at a very unfortunate time. I’ll show you what can happen if you don’t wash your hands after using a blood circulation cream for your legs, forget that you have applied it – and then apply cream to your face ”.

And so the cream not only ensured blood circulation on the legs, but also on the face, which was obviously somewhat too healthy. What looks painful is apparently painful too. Because Natascha also had an allergic reaction. “Even my voice stays away. My eyes are also a little puffy. It got me in the neck too. This is what you look like when you are too stupid to wash your hands after such an action, ”she explains about the consequences.

Natascha Ochsenknecht: Violent reaction to a beauty breakdown – she finds fellow sufferers among the fans

Natascha Ochsenknecht can at least take the incident with humor – otherwise she would not have shared it with her many fans. She also has hope of a positive effect: “Maybe something will make it taut or something”. In the meantime, she not only finds support from her fans, but also fellow sufferers. Several of her followers have already experienced something similar. “Oh man, I know that all too well. It happened to me once, but never again afterwards ”, writes a user about the video and has a tip for Natascha for the next time:“ Only use rubber gloves when applying lotion ”. “I recommend pure aloe vera. Always helps, ”comments another helpful fan.

Many fans are also a little amused by the story of Natascha and are happy that she shares such moments from her life with the followers. It has long been known that Natascha Ochsenknecht likes to talk a lot and freely. Recently, she even made a confession about her retirement plans in a toilet talk. (they have)

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Natascha Ochsenknecht shock recording happened face


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