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National League: ZSC embarrassed itself with five foreigners against Ambri


Maxim Noreau. Marcus Kruger. Ryan Lasch. Teemu Rautiainen. Ryan Hayes. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. © The  ZSC uses the “Lex Suter” for the first time against Ambri and uses five foreigners. As part of the new NHL transfer agreement, the NL clubs decided in the summer that a team that loses a Swiss with a current contract to an NHL club can use an additional foreigner for two seasons.

© The  idea behind it: © The  departure of a Swiss star with NHL quality can usually no longer be compensated for on the domestic market. But that’s exactly what the ZSC Lions managed to do after NL top scorer Pius Suter signed with Chicago: © The y brought Andrighetto home. © The  Nati striker now leads the NL scorer list – and the “Lex Suter” ad absurdum.

© The  Zurich-based company is only now using the option of deploying five foreigners for the first time. Why? Because they can and are allowed to. Krüger reports back after a broken rib. © The  GCK foreigners Rautiainen and Hayes stay in the team.

© The  banderole that the ZSC fans hung up due to the increase in the number of foreigners to seven from 2022/23, against which only the people of Zurich resisted, fits the absurdity. “© The  whole league wants to go crazy now: It always means no four wins!” It says.
But the Lions embarrassed themselves with five foreigners against the troubled Ticino, who had lost seven times in a row, also in the third duel. Or: five loses!

© The y are outnumbered by Andrighetto after he steals the puck from the Canadian-English ex-NHL striker Perlini. Seconds before that, ZSC striker Prassl is lucky that the referees overlooked his tripping on Hächler.

But Perlini equalized in the final section when he was able to approach the strong goalie Flüeler for the second time alone. And then Berni makes an incredible own goal. © The  talented defender dribbles in front of his own goal and defeats Flüeler when he pulls the disc back in front of the oncoming Perlini. © The  previous goalless in six games Perlini then scores one more time. And Ambri climbed back to 10th place.

© The  best: Viktor Östlund (Ambri). © The  Swedish goalie with a Swiss license is a strong support for the Ticino.

© The  plum: Tim Berni (ZSC). He was still the can opener against Langnau. This time he slips a blatant own goal.

© The  goals: 31. Andrighetto (SH) 1-0. 51. Perlini (Kneubuehler, I. Dotti) 1: 1. 56. Fischer (own goal Berni) 1: 2. 59. Perlini (Flynn) 1: 3. 60. Noreau (Rautiainen / without goalie) 2: 3.

Swiss League am Montag

Whisk – Sierre 4: 2

GCK Lions – Thurgau 2:5

Ajoie – La Chaux-de-Fonds 4: 3 nP

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National League ZSC embarrassed foreigners Ambri


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