Navalny case: EU launches new Russia sanctions


Status: 02/22/2021 3:01 p.m.

Because of the action taken against the Kremlin critic Navalny, the EU foreign ministers have agreed on new sanctions against Russia. People responsible for Nawalny’s detention are now facing asset freezes and entry bans.

 The  EU foreign ministers have launched new sanctions against Russia because of actions against Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. © The re is an agreement in principle to impose new punitive measures, as several media reports, citing diplomats.

According to this, the EU Foreign Affairs Representative Josep Borrell is to draw up a list of those affected who are responsible for Nawalny’s imprisonment and conviction. © The  punitive measures should include asset freezes and EU entry bans and will come into effect in the next few weeks.

Markus Preiß, ARD Brussels, EU foreign ministers impose further sanctions on Russia

daily news 3 p.m., February 22, 2021

Direct responsibility is difficult to prove

According to EU diplomats, however, it could be difficult to prove that individuals have direct responsibility for the crackdown on Navalny, which could lead to the challenge of sanctions decisions.

© The  AFP news agency also reports that Russian oligarchs should not be affected by the sanctions. Navalny himself and the European Parliament had requested this in advance.

Maas is in favor of sanctions

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and others had clearly spoken out in favor of new punitive measures before the EU decision. “When Navalny was poisoned, we made it clear that we were not prepared to accept a breach of international law, and we imposed sanctions,” said the SPD politician.

Penalty camp for Navalny

© The  EU has been demanding the release of Navalny for around three weeks – so far without success. Moscow rejects this as interference in internal affairs.

© The  44-year-old Kremlin critic was convicted in Moscow at the beginning of February for violating probation conditions several times in an earlier criminal case in 2014 for fraud and misappropriation of funds in the judge’s view. In an appeal process last Saturday, the judiciary confirmed the imprisonment in a prison camp. Also on Saturday, Navalny was sentenced to a fine for allegedly insulting a World War II veteran.

Sanctions after the Novichok attack

© The  opposition politician decided to return to his home country in January, even though he was the victim of an attack there with the neurotoxin Novichok, which is banned as a chemical weapon. He was then arrested on arrival.

Because of the attack on Navalny, which was then dealt with in Germany, the EU already imposed entry and property bans on people suspected of being responsible for President Vladimir Putin last year. In Brussels, it is assumed that government agencies in Russia are behind the attack.

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Navalny case launches Russia sanctions


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