Navalny has to pay to a warehouse and fine


In an appeal procedure on Saturday, a Moscow judge confirmed the controversial prison camp imposed on the opposition politician at the beginning of February. A few hours later, Navalny was sentenced to a heavy fine of 850,000 rubles (the equivalent of 9,400 euros) in the same courthouse for allegedly insulting a World War II veteran.

Accompanied by nationwide protests, the 44-year-old was sentenced to three and a half years in a prison camp more than two weeks ago. He is said to have violated probation requirements in previous criminal proceedings while recovering from a poison attack in Germany. However, several months of house arrest and previous imprisonment periods are credited to him. According to his lawyers, he could be released after two years, six months and two weeks – in late July or early August 2023.

Accusation “absurd”

Once again, the opposition member described the accusation that he wanted to hide from the judiciary as “absurd”. After all, he returned to Russia voluntarily. “ The  whole world knew where I was.”



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Navalny pay warehouse fine


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