Nazan learns the truth about Rosa’s kidnapping drama


In the Kolle-Kiez it sparked again. Things get serious between Nazan and Felix. If only it weren’t for Laura, who has been seeking revenge since the separation from Felix … Warning, spoilers will follow!

Many GZSZ fans have been waiting for this:  The y have had feelings for one another for a long time, but the circumstances have not yet allowed that Nazan and Felix Had the opportunity to try each other. Now it has really sparked and Nazan is between after the final breakdown Laura and Felix ready to date the businessman and put their different morals aside.

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Meanwhile, Laura struggles with her hurt feelings. In the Kiez she can hardly avoid the two newly-in love and so she is confronted not only with her broken wedding, but also with the new love happiness of her dream man. As so often, her vengeance prevails and Laura takes Nazan to her chest to tell her the whole truth …

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Laura drops the bomb

When Laura happens to meet Nazan in the clubhouse, she strikes back. She provokes Nazan with vague hints. When she wants to defend herself and replies that she is not interested in Laura’s untruths, Laura drops the bomb: She asks Nazan whether she really doesn’t care that Felix even kidnaps his own mother and does it Roses Risked life. A sensitive piece of information that Felix kept secret from Nazan, of course.

Laura strikes back. © TVNOW / Rolf Baumgartner

How Nazan will react to Laura’s revelation can be seen tonight in the stream on TVNOW Premium. Will she believe her immediately and confront Felix with what she knows? ©

 The  next few weeks will show whether Laura actually managed to drive a wedge between the two.

“Good times, bad times” is always on Mondays to Fridays from 7:40 p.m. on RTL. If you’re curious now and don’t want to wait until the episodes in question, we recommend you take a look at ours preview to throw.

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Nazan learns truth Rosas kidnapping drama KINOde


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