Near Denver: Airplane parts fall on residential area


Status: 02/21/2021 9:02 a.m.

Shortly after take-off in the US city of Denver, the engine of a Boeing went up in flames – debris fell on a residential area. Nobody got hurt.  The re was a similar incident in the Netherlands.

When an airplane made an emergency landing in the US state of Colorado, parts of the machine came loose and fell in the suburbs of the city of Denver. A large piece of debris, part of the engine cowling, just missed a residential building.

© The  Boeing 777-200 returned to Denver International Airport on Saturday when an engine failed shortly after take-off, the FAA said. © The  United Airlines plane landed safely. ©

 The re were no injuries on board or on the ground. ©

 The  destination of Flight 328 was Honolulu. A brief statement from United said there were 231 passengers and ten crew members on board.

Videos on Twitter show the machine’s engine on fire in the air. © The  police in Broomfield 25 miles north of Denver posted photos on Twitter of a large, round piece of rubble that was directly in front of an apartment building.

“When it happened I thought that was it”

An eyewitness told the AP news agency that the plane flew unusually low. He saw an explosion, then a cloud of smoke rose and debris fell.

Passengers reported terrible minutes on board the plane. © The  machine had almost reached its cruising altitude and the pilot had just made an announcement when a strong explosion rocked the cabin, followed by a bright flash. “© The  plane started shaking violently and we lost altitude,” said David Delucia, who was sitting in the area of ​​the failed engine. “When it happened I thought that was it. I thought we were going to crash.”

A rain of pieces of fiberglass

Kirby Klements, in whose front yard a large piece of debris fell, said he and his wife first heard a roar. © The n a large object flew past the window and landed on the back of his parked truck. ©

 The  driver’s cab was smashed and the vehicle was pushed into the ground. He estimated the circular rubble to be around 4.5 meters in diameter. According to him, another part of the aircraft pierced the roof of a neighbor. Debris was also found on a sports field in a park.

Afterwards, small pieces of fiberglass, such as those used to isolate engines, fell “like ashes” from the sky for ten minutes. “If that had gone three meters differently, it would have landed directly on the house,” Klements told the AP. “And if someone had been in the truck, they would be dead.” © The  National Aviation Safety Authority (NTSB) started an investigation.

© The  roof of this house was pierced.

Image: AFP

Similar incident in the Netherlands – two injured

© The re was a similar incident yesterday in the Netherlands: Here, too, a Boeing lost parts. As the police in Maastricht announced, shortly after the start, a fire broke out in one of the four engines of the machine. Some pieces of metal fell to the ground above Meerssen in the north of Maastricht. Several cars and houses were damaged.

An elderly woman was hit in the head and had to be treated in the hospital, the police said. A child was also reportedly slightly injured and burned when trying to pick up debris from the floor. © The  authorities are investigating the incident. ©

 The  plane later landed in Liège, Belgium. It was actually en route from Maastricht Aachen Airport to New York.

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Denver Airplane parts fall residential area


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