Neo QLED 2021: Samsung’s first mini LED TV in the test “outstanding”


Samsung plans to launch its first mini-LED televisions in the Neo QLED family in the next few months. One of the top models with 8K resolution and 75-inch diagonal has now been tested in advance by the German “Video” magazine.  The  rating: “outstanding”.

In addition to Samsung, this year LG and Philips will also equip their new smart TVs with contemporary mini-LED technology, which aims to take on the many advantages of the OLED world, but not its disadvantages. Bright, high-contrast televisions are expected, the lineups of which will be primarily in the premium segment at least in 2021. On March 18, the Samsung Neo QLED models with their mini LEDs will start in the USA and the German market launch doesn’t seem too far away either. A first test report now suggests this.
Samsung Smart-TVs 2021Samsung’s new Neo QLED TVs will move into the first living rooms in 2021
© The  colleagues from the trade magazine “Video” were able to take a closer look at the Samsung GQ75QN900A in the test and rate the mini-LED television with 94 out of 100 percent. In conclusion it says: “Samsung lacked these mini LEDs in the backlight for perfect TV happiness. It is now almost impossible to find hair in the soup of the Neo QLED technology. As far as other aspects such as smart TV, gaming, operation and sound are concerned, absolute top class is also offered – from our new 8K reference.©

 The  testers describe the television and especially its picture quality as”berragend“.

Many advantages and only a short list of defects

One of the top models from the new Samsung Neo QLED lineup 2021 was examined. Behind the product name GQ75QN900A is a 75-inch mini LED TV with a high 8K resolution and features such as HDMI 2.1, HDR10 + and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz (4K) or 60 Hz (8K) including VRR. ©

 The  television was particularly impressive in the test with its 1920 dimming zones, a dynamic brightness of over 2000 nits and a peak value of 5100 nits in HDR mode. On the other hand, the lack of Dolby Vision and the illumination that could be improved are criticized.

Samsung has not yet announced official prices and availability for Germany. However, the model tested by “Video” magazine will appear in the US for around 7,000 US dollars. One can therefore assume that around 7,000 euros could be due in this country too. ©

 The  entry into Samsung’s mini-LED world with 4K and 8K resolutions is said to be $ 1,600 and $ 3,500, respectively.

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Samsung, Tv, TV, 4K, Ultra HD, 8K, Smart TV, UltraHD, Mini-LED, MiniLED, Neo QLED

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Neo QLED Samsungs mini LED test outstanding


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