Netflix Top 10: The most popular films & series in Germany


With us you can see at a glance which series and films are on today, on February 20, 2021, on Netflix in the Top 10 list in Germany create.

Since the end of February 2020, users have been able to use the streaming platform Netflix die Top 10 the most popular content. We explain to you what that means and what the daily news Top 10 Series or films are in Germany.

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Netflix Top 10 Germany: What exactly does the list show?

Officially, the list shows what is currently the most “popular”. This begs the question of what Netflix considers popular. Has a precise definition Netflix not yet published. It is unclear whether a placement depends on the number of clicks, the length of stay or both. It is important, however, that both series and films can appear on the list.

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Netflix Top 10 Germany: How often is the list updated?

As far as we know, the list is updated daily. So you can be sure to see the currently most popular Netflix content when it is marked as “Top 10” on the streaming platform.

Netflix Top 10 Germany from 20. February 2021:

Place 1 – She knows about you

Platz 2 – Tribes of Europe

3rd place – Riverdale

Platz 4 – I care a lot.

Platz 5 – ©

 The  Crew

Platz 6 – Ted 2

Platz 7 – Jurassic World

Platz 8 – Seventh Son

9th place – always there for you

10th place – you against the wilderness – the film

We’ll keep you up to date!

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Netflix Top popular films series Germany


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