New album “Tyron” – Slowthai: The pandemic as personal rescue


“If you come from an area like mine, then you have to assert yourself, because otherwise you will get under the wheels. I sometimes feel misunderstood because I also do a lot of nice things. ”Slowthai is switched on via zoom call, mumbles in a broad accent next to the laptop microphone and has a permanent smile that looks freshly stoned. A nice boy in the basement / studio of his house, which he lives in with his beloved mother and fiancée, behind him a flag of the British third division Northampton FC is raised. A club that at first glance seems as bland and dreary as its home. A troublemaker like Slowthai might even do well, even if the pandemic seems to have purified him. “Baking something or sitting in front of the TV watching movies is more fun than causing trouble and running around aggressively,” he adds with a smile. “I’m not here to meet any expectations. People get older and more mature, but I’m still who I am. I am on my journey and invite you to be part of it. “

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album Tyron Slowthai pandemic personal rescue


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