New Covid case: Melker kindergarten is closed


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Dmitri Ma,

After a positive Covid case in the Melker state kindergarten I became known on Saturday, another case was added on Sunday. © The  municipality of Melk reacted and announced that the state kindergarten I will be completely closed for one week. It is now very important to avoid clustering. We therefore ask parents to monitor their children closely for symptoms and, if necessary, to subject them to a test. It is also very important not to send siblings to school or other childcare facilities, ”says VP Mayor Patrick Strobl.

Using the kindergarten app “KidsFox”, Strobl and the head of the kindergarten team informed the parents. In the letter, parents were also asked not to send siblings to school or other care facilities. In addition, the children are encouraged to closely monitor their children’s health for any symptoms.

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Covid case Melker kindergarten closed


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