New logistics and distribution centers are being built here


  • Trading giant Amazon operates more than 50 locations in Germany
  • In Franconia already locations in Eggolsheim, Nuremberg and Bayreuth
  • New Logistics center in Hof-Gattendorf such as Amazon distribution centers in Oerlenbach, Pommersfelden and Schwarzenbach planned

New Amazon locations in Franconia:  The re are now over 50 Amazon locations in Germany, where around 16,000 permanent employees are responsible for logistics alone. In Franconia, Amazon is also expanding, as a spokesman reveals.


 The re are problems in Eggolsheim: Amazon is planning further locations

Since October 2019 Amazon has been operating the sorting center in Eggolsheim. Not without problems for the place, however. “©

 The  trucks were parked everywhere,” explains Mayor Claus Schwarzmann Another problem was the drivers who stayed there overnight and who did their business outdoors because of the lack of sanitary facilities. In the meantime, however, the situation has improved. Together with the community, Amazon is working on the problem, the complaints have decreased significantly. In addition to the sorting center in Eggolsheim, Amazon currently operates two other locations in Franconia. In Nürnberg and Bayreuth there is an Amazon distribution center in each case. From there, the Amazon parcels are sent directly to the customer via Amazon Logistics. ©

 The  Bayreuth location was last in the news because around a quarter of all employees were infected with the corona virus.

However, it should not be used at the three distribution centers in Eggolsheim, Nürnberg and Bayreuth stay: Amazon is already planning a logistics center and three further distribution centers in Franconia. In Hof-Gattendorf A new Amazon logistics center is now to be built. More than 1000 new jobs are to be created as a result, as reported A spokesman said it was still too early to speculate about an opening date. However, they look forward to the next steps in the planning process.
In the Lower Franconian Oerlenbach (Bad Kissingen district) a new distribution center is currently being built. ©

 The  new Amazon location should open as early as the summer, according to an Amazon press spokesman. Also in Upper Franconia Pommersfelden (Bamberg district) is planning a distribution center – Amazon has already confirmed this location as well. ©

 The  project is scheduled to start in autumn. Amazon is also working on the planning for a distribution center in Schwarzenbach on the Saale (District of Hof). “But we are still at a very, very early stage,” explains the Amazon spokesman. ©

 The  sale of the space has already been promised, everything else has to be seen.

Logistics center, sorting center, distribution center: this is how the Amazon supply chain works

An Amazon package usually has a long journey behind it when it arrives at the customer. ©

 The  logistics centers form the “heart” of Amazon. ©

 The re the goods are delivered, stored and prepared for dispatch to the customer. ©

 The re are currently 15 of them in Germany, and another is being planned in Hof.

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 The  parcels then go to a sorting center like the one operated in Eggolsheim. ©

 The re the parcels are sorted according to delivery areas and then forwarded to distribution centers of various partners or Amazon Logistics itself. From there, the parcels are handed over to the respective local delivery partners, who mostly deliver them to the customers in the morning.


 The re are several Amazon sorting centers and over 30 distribution centers in Germany. Amazon also operates two of its own service centers as well as Amazon data centers and four research centers. Around 16,000 employees are only responsible for logistics in Germany alone.

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