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Hamburg / Stuttgart – Happiness will soon be by your side again!

Presenter Mirja du Mont (45) was stolen from thieves’ suitcases on January 30th on the train from Leipzig to Hamburg.

Inside: her beloved lucky charm from childhood – a “Wum” figure!

 The  TV star came from a talk show appearance on “Riverboat” (MDR). ©

 The re were many personal items in the suitcase. Damage: 3000 euros.

Among them: Loriot’s “Wum” figure, which was sold as a toy from the 1970s, is now a valuable collector’s item.

Teaser picture

Presenter Mirja du Mont shortly before her appearance on the MDR talk show “Riverboat”

Foto: picture alliance / ZB


 The  ex of movie star Sky du Mont (73): “This loss hurts the most. My ‘Wum’ figure was missing 40 years, then I found it again by chance while taking a walk with my mother in front of my old kindergarten. ”

When the loyal BILD reader Andreas Maier (60) from Stuttgart found out about Mirja’s fate, he really wanted to make her happy.


 The  owner of a driving school: “I had a ‘Wum’ myself, got it in 1974 for confirmation. Back then I always watched ‘©

 The  Great Price’ with Wim Thoelke, where ‘Wum’ was a cartoon character. I was able to find another one that I would like to give her. ”


 The  valuable piece is on the way to Hamburg – and will soon be presented to Mirja by BILD.

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