New MagSafe accessories are in the starting blocks


According to the report by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple is currently working on a new battery pack for the current iPhone 12 models. In contrast to the old versions of the Smart Rattery Case, the new power dispenser should not charge the smartphone via the Lightning connector.  The  loading process should instead take place via MagSafe. This magnetic connector is currently only found in the four most recent cell phone models from the California-based company.

iPhone 12: Apple is working on battery pack with MagSafe

As with the already known MagSafe accessories, the battery pack should then be magnetically located on the back of an iPhone 12 and charge the smartphone wirelessly. In contrast to the Smart Battery Case that Apple has on offer for various older iPhone models, the new battery pack should not also serve as a protective cover. © The  new battery is therefore a pure power source. According to the latest report, some of the current prototypes have a “white rubber exterior”.

Internal tests are said to have shown that the magnets are strong enough to hold the battery pack securely on the smartphone. © The re are allegedly problems with the software at the moment. It is said to occasionally falsely report that the battery has overheated. In addition, there should still be difficulties if a user uses the iPhone with the battery pack, sometimes with and sometimes without a case.

Apple’s hardware department is more cautious with devices that deal with the charging process due to the early announcement of the AirPower charging cradle a few years ago. AirPower was first announced in 2017. In 2019, however, the iPhone manufacturer announced that it would not release the product. Overheating problems have been cited as the reason in the past.

Further MagSafe accessories in prospect

According to Bloomberg, Apple has been working on the battery pack for at least a year. © The  presentation is planned “for a few months after the availability of the iPhone 12”. ©

 The  report does not name a more specific period.

Internally, the company is said to have additional accessories for MagSafe on the screen. A holder for a car was up for discussion. However, there is currently no “formal development” here. Furthermore, plans are said to have been discussed that would enable charging of Apple Watch, AirPods or mutual charging of two iPhones. However, you shouldn’t expect such a feature on the Apple smartphone in the near future. This so-called reverse charging can already be found in some Android smartphones.


 The  first indications of the battery pack with MagSafe were already discovered in iOS 14.5 Beta 2, which could possibly indicate an imminent presentation of the hardware. Some observers expect a spring event in March or April.

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MagSafe accessories starting blocks


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