New malware discovered on tens of thousands of MacBooks


Security researchers have discovered new malware on almost 30,000 MacBooks. Devices with Apple’s new M1 chip are also affected.

Macs are actually considered to be relatively virus-resistant compared to traditional PCs. But even if the Apple operating system is a closed system, even owners of MacBooks are not completely protected from harmful software. This is also shown by a current example.

As reported by several media, new malware is currently spreading on thousands of Apple laptops from all over the world.  The  malware called “Silver Sparrow” is said to have infected at least 30,000 computers in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, France and Germany. In addition to computers with Intel chips, even devices with Apple’s new M1 processors are said to be infected by the malware.

“Silver Sparrow” is self-destructive

According to the report, it is not yet known exactly how the malware spreads. Security experts from Malwarebytes and Red Canary suspect the malware could have found its way into the system via manipulated advertising banners or search results. It is also unclear what damage “Silver Sparrow” can cause. So far, we only know that the software contacts a command server every hour.

In addition, the program should have a kind of self-destruct function. Once the malware has done the damage, it should disappear from the system without a trace. According to the reports, Apple reacted to the discovery of the malware. According to this, the certificates that the malware accesses are already deactivated.

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malware discovered tens thousands MacBooks


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