New Nokia Receiver gives conventional televisions an HDTV upgrade


© The  Nokia Terrestrial Receiver 6000 is the newest member of the StreamView portfolio and equips existing TV sets with the latest HDTV technology at low cost.


 The  receiver enables immediate access to all free-to-air national channels and brings live TV programs in HD or standard definition to your home television. In the event of a DVB-T switch-off, the device offers a cost-effective alternative to buying a new television. Installation is very easy thanks to the user-friendly menu and built-in wizard.


 The  Nokia Terrestrial Receiver 6000 has DVB-T / T2 reception and processes the new H.265 standard. In addition, the receiver supports Dolby Digital Plus and a resolution of up to 1080i and 720p and offers numerous user-friendly functions, including teletext and timer. An HDMI, an AV output and a coaxial connection ensure connectivity. As a result, the new Nokia Receiver is compatible with every television that is equipped with these connections.

Nokia Terrestrial Receiver 6000 scope of delivery
Nokia Terrestrial Receiver 6000 scope of delivery; Image: StreamView

Thanks to the additionally integrated USB 2.0 connection, videos, photos, sports and films can also be played from an external device. ©

 The  favorites function can be used to create personalized lists for users.


 The  Nokia Terrestrial Receiver 6000 is available online across Europe at at a price of 49.90 euros (including VAT). From March 16, the product will also be available from selected specialist retailers and other online portals such as Amazon.

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Nokia Receiver conventional televisions HDTV upgrade


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