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Michael Sosinka

With the new “Crimson Heist” operation for “Rainbow Six Siege”, the operator and master thief Santiago “Flores” Lucero is introduced. This can be seen in the first teaser trailer.  The  full reveal of “Crimson Heist” will take place on February 21, 2021, but Gridlock already has something to say about Flores.


  • He finds the resources available to us exciting and spends a lot of time with Mira. She’s certainly not thrilled that he is constantly looking over her shoulder, but she will understand that he can be of use to her. He has always built his own tools and weapons and can offer a different point of view than yours.
  • Flores doesn’t talk much about his youth in Buenos Aires, but all the more about the crime bosses he stole there and in Los Angeles. His tales sound like heroics and I tend to believe them. Ash made it clear that he’s not just a master thief, but a professional with strong convictions. I don’t think she would have helped him out of Argentina if she didn’t respect him.
  • Overall, I would say he’s a fine guy. Sometimes a little awkward, but he listens when others talk, and that is far from being said of everyone. He calls his husband’s home every night, but hardly ever talks about their relationship (at least not with me). People are generally important to him, but his marriage has a very special value. Even when he takes off his ring, she is always a part of him.
  • I’m glad Ash brought him on board. She sure had her own reasons for this, but I don’t think that matters in the end. Flores’ expertise, his point of view and the small, fine explosive handicrafts that he brought with him are important to us. I look forward to seeing him in action and can well imagine that he will surprise many.


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