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London (ots/PRNewswire) Made with the same distilled ingredients as London Dry, Tanqueray 0.0% offers an alcohol-free option that perfectly captures the distinctive spirit of Tanqueray.

Today marks the launch of Tanqueray 0.0%, a non-alcoholic spirit alternative to Tanqueray London Dry Gin, a mindful drink option for those who don’t want to compromise on taste. Soft and low-alcohol beverages are expected to account for 23% of the total growth in adult beverages over the next three years *, with Tanqueray 0.0% being an exciting addition to the market.

 The re are many moments when we all deserve a little reward; a special drink to drink and enjoy with friends, and with the new Tanqueray 0.0% it seems like you never have to compromise on quality or taste. Tanqueray 0.0% is made with the same distinctive blend of high quality ingredients that are used in the production of Tanqueray London Dry Gin: pine-like juniper, peppery coriander, aromatic angelica and sweet licorice. To create an incredibly non-alcoholic spirit, with all the flavor, but without alcohol.

Tanqueray was founded in Bloomsbury, London, in 1830 and has always been driven by the research and innovation of founder Charles Tanqueray. Tanqueray 0.0% joins an acclaimed selection including: Tanqueray London Dry, Tanqueray No. Ten, Tanqueray Rangpur, Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla, Tanqueray Blackcurrant Royale and some other limited editions.

Tanqueray Master Distiller, Terry Fraser, said, “Our expert innovation team has combined years of expertise and historical knowledge of gin distillation to create a believable non-alcoholic experience. As one of the best-selling premium gin brands in the world, we know Tanqueray 0.0% is an experience our fans don’t want to miss. © The  liquid has a taste that is in demanding Cocktails and when mixed with classic tonic water shows through, which means you don’t have to sacrifice quality and taste if you choose not to consume alcohol.

Created by distilling the same ingredients used in Tanqueray London Dry Gin, the ingredients are individually dipped in water, heated, and then distilled before being expertly blended together to capture the essence of Tanqueray in a delicious non-alcoholic alternative. This particular distillation process is a closely guarded secret known only to a handful of people, and we pride ourselves on bringing gin drinkers that juniper and citrus flavor that they expect from Tanqueray when they choose to, none Drink alcohol. “

Tanqueray 0.0% is also a low-calorie option for those who want to eat moderately, with only 6kcal per 50ml. This does not apply to tonics as these are very different.

Tanqueray 0.0% will be available in Spain and the UK from March 2021 at a suggested retail price of GBP16 per 70cl bottle and can be purchased at Waitrose, Waitrose, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s in March and in all other national supermarkets from April.

Serving suggestion:

Just like your usual tanqueray and tonic, fill a chilled glass with ice, pour 50 ml of spirit, 150 ml of fresh tonic water and garnish with a wedge of lime to enjoy.

Information about calories:

Calories 25 ml are 3 kcal, 50 ml are 6 kcal, tonics vary considerably.

Tanqueray 0.0% can also be bought online:

UK customers can visit the following page:

Spanish customers can visit the following page:



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