NHL Swiss in high: Nino Niederreiter hits twice

NHL Swiss in high: Nino Niederreiter hits twice

Nino Niederreiter has good reason to celebrate. Image: keystone

NHL Swiss in high: Nino Niederreiter hits twice

Nino Niederreiter was also in a goal mood on Saturday night.  The  28-year-old from Chur scored two goals and one assist in the Carolina Hurricanes’ 5-3 victory over the Chicago Blackhawks. Gaëtan Haas came to his first goal of the season for Edmonton.

In the Swiss duel, the veteran showed the two rookies Pius Suter and Philipp Kuraschew. Niederreiter scored in the 16th minute with a beautiful shot to make it 1-0 and scored 4-2 in the closing stages after the Swede Jesper Fast cleared him with a brilliant pass in a power play. At 2-0 he was involved with an assist.

Niederreiter has already scored nine times in 15 games this season. “I’m glad that things are going again now,” said the striker. Last year he had only managed eleven goals in 67 games. Suter and Kuraschew, who did not score points in North Carolina, have scored six and five goals respectively this season.

Haas scored in the Edmonton Oilers 2-1 victory at the Calgary Flames in the end of the middle third. In the margin, he scored the 2-0. For the former Berner, who was out of action for two weeks in February, it was the sixth NHL goal and the first of the current season. (aeg / sda)


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NHL Swiss high Nino Niederreiter hits


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