Nina Proll is available in a double pack tonight – scene


On Monday, Nina Proll will be on TV twice at the same time.

 The  “Vorstadtweib” is also a guest on the rate panel of “©

 The  Masked Singer Austria”.

Nina Proll fans will be spoiled for choice on Monday. Because the 47-year-old Viennese will appear twice in the main TV evening on Monday. In “Vorstadtweiber” (8:15 pm, ORF 1), she blackens her “friend” Sonia (Ines Honsel) to the police as Nico, because Sonia knows what happened to the dead Leo (Laurence Rupp). Incidentally, this episode will also show whether Schnitzler (Philipp Hochmair) sitting in prison is actually still pulling all the strings …

In addition, Nina Proll also appears as a guest in the rate panel of “©

 The  Masked Singer Austria” on Puls 4, also at 8.15 pm. At the masked singing show, Proll even took third place in the costume of the “ghost countess” last year. If you look at the number of viewers from the previous week (“TMSA” 241,000, “Vorstadtweiber” 488,000), then on Monday around 700,000 Austrians Nina Proll will zap on TV.

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Nina Proll double pack tonight scene


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