Nina Proll returns to “The Masked Singer” -Austria!


Nina Proll impressed as the ghost countess on the last season of “ The  Masked Singer” -Austria, on February 22nd there will be a reunion with the successful singer and actress on PULS4. Nina Proll will then be part of the rate panel at “© The  Masked Singer” -Austria and try to guess the celebrities behind the masks alongside Sasa Schwarzjirg, Elke Winkens and Rainer Schönfelder.

Which celebrity will have to take off the mask next?

© The  baby elephant, the gelse, the Danube nymph, the bobble dog, the cheeky badger, the grape, the sheep and the yeast dumplings are still in the running at “© The  Masked Singer” -Austria, ie 8 celebrities will give their best again on February 22nd on PLUS4 . © The  wild boar had to lift its mask last week, so Klaus Eberhartinger was said goodbye after a performance on the big Masked Singer stage. © The  Rate team – Sasa Schwarzjirg, Elke Winkens and Rainer Schönfelder – gets on the 2nd broadcast Support from Nina Proll – together you will try to expose the VIPs under the masks. Sasa Schwarzjirg is particularly fond of the cheeky badger. “That swing of the hips, that voice, there are moments when I wonder why I like men when I see that,” explained the Society expert. But the Danube nymph, the nodding dachshund or the yeast dumpling have already scored points. On Monday the next celebrity will have to take off the mask at “© The  Masked Singer” -Austria. Who will it be?

Author: Schlagerportal
Photo: PULS 4 / Willi Weber

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Nina Proll returns Masked Singer Austria


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