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Fans had to wait a long time for a new Nintendo Direct, but on February 17th the time had finally come. We have summarized the highlights.

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 The  cat is out of the bag, the presentation is on. Nintendo has dealt with a barrage Announcements of games for Nintendo Switch reported back from months of silence. On February 16, the company had a new one Nintendo Direct announced, which should take place the next day and be a whopping 50 minutes. ©

 The  expectations were accordingly high, even in the ingame editing made a Prediction game the round. Which Tips proved correct and which ones Highlights it in the presentation we show you in a small summary.

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Type Hybrid game console
Generation 8. Console generation
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Release March 03, 2017

Nintendo Direct: New content for Super Smash Bros. and Animal Crossing

Had in advance Nintendo announced that the Nintendo Direct a range of new content for already published Games would come, especially Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was emphasized in the official announcement. ©

 The  actual announcement turned out to be relatively small, namely it will be with Pyra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 just a new one fighter for the crossover beating. Pyra will have a similar transformation mechanism as Zelda or Samus and can transform into Mythra. It should appear in March.

But Animal Crossing: New Horizons is also being replenished. For February 25th, the Nintendo Direct a new Super-Mario-Update announced, with which new items for the relaxed life simulation will be unlocked from March 1st. ©

 The re will be new ones Costumes for your residents and some new decorative items such as power-ups and? -blocks should be included. Even the green warp tubes come in game and allow you to travel quickly if you place them on your island. Practically!

Nintendo Direct: Neat new game food in 2021


 The  freaked out unexpectedly Nintendo Direct but with newly announced games for that Nintendo Switchall of which will appear in summer at the latest. We had previously strongly assumed that Third party games rather little in the presentation would occur, since a separate partner showcase is usually organized for this. In fact, the Gaming giant out Kyoto neatly swung the third-party club. A few first Highlights was there early on in the presentation as Fall Guys and the critic’s favorite Outer Wilds with a Switch-Release were announced in the summer.

Also an old friend of the Nintendo consoles has reported back after a postponement last year. No More Heroes 3 came with a new one Trailer around the corner and now has a solid one Release-Datum on August 27, 2021. That was the last time game actually for one Release last year, but the corona pandemic put a stop to it.

Nintendo Direct: It’s time for Suplex City again in No More Heroes 3

© Grasshopper Manufacture

A whole new one announcement but came almost completely unexpectedly SHE. In a first trailer, the publisher Knockout City presented. It is a brightly colored one Dodgeball-Multiplayerspiel by Velan Studios, which is a bit like a mix of ARMS, Splatoon and Fortnite. We say FAST unexpectedly because our intern Lars was able to preview Knockout City in advance and with his insider knowledge a point in the Prediction game for the Nintendo Direct could win.

Nintendo Direct: In-house games are not neglected – Mario Golf and Zelda HD

Nintendo himself also had some complete new announcements at the presentation in store, even if not the really big throws that many had suspected in advance. Our sales colleague Vincent, for example, had typed a new one Mario-Sportspiel would come and was absolutely right. This year will be Mario and company again grab the iron and in Mario Golf: Super Rush make the golf courses in the Mushroom Kingdom unsafe. ©

 The re will be motion control with the Joy-Cons, a story mode and a new multiplayer mode called Speed Golf, in which all players golf and race to their balls at the same time.

Nintendo Direct: Mario Golf: Super Rush is coming in June

© Nintendo

A new Mario Golf is all well and good, but what about Zelda? Before the Nintendo Direct the hype (also in the ingame editorial team) was great again that Nintendo with new information too Breath of the Wild 2 could come out. Nintendo himself was well aware of this and apologized that no new material could be shown at this time. But there should be new information about the successor this year. Instead, a season pass for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity announced, which is available immediately.

Without a Zelda game but shouldn’t we go out, after all, the series is celebrating its own this year 35th birthday. On July 16, a HD-Remaster from ©

 The  Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Nintendo Switch appear. ©

 The  game has been improved a bit graphically and comes with revised movement controls for the Joy-Cons. But a new control only with the buttons should be possible so that the game can also be played on the Switch Lite is playable. Not quite the Wind Waker / Phantom Hourglass collection that some editors were expecting, but our intern Alexandra hit the bull’s eye here.

Nintendo Direct: No Pokémon, but new Splatoon for 2022

Somewhat surprising in the end was the complete absence of Pokémon on the Nintendo Directalthough a new one Pokémon Snap was announced a few weeks ago and the pocket monsters are also celebrating a big anniversary this year. In many places it was suspected that there was new information too New Pokémon Snap or that the much-discussed remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl would be officially announced. ©

 The  Pokémon Company may be holding these revelations for its own event Pokémon Day back.

Nintendo Direct: Unexpected reveal – Splatoon 3 is coming in 2022

© Nintendo


 The  conclusion of the Nintendo Direct but made a surprising one announcementthat nobody expected, at least in the in-game editorial team. In good old “one more thing” fashion came from Nintendo a first trailer too Splatoon 3. ©

 The  gaudy color show is slated to return in 2022 and seems to be even more post-apocalyptic than its predecessor. ©

 The  trailer has not yet shown much about the mechanics or new content.

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Nintendo Direct games main highlights


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