No Angels: Helene Fischer choreographer Cale Kalay makes you fit


Updated February 23, 2021 at 2:33 pm

  •  The  No Angels are working on their comeback.
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     The y are supported by Helene Fischer’s choreographer Cale Kalay.

  • Sandy Mölling, Lucy Diakovska, Jessica Wahls and Nadja Benaissa rehearse almost every day and go “beyond their limits”.

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 The  No Angels are preparing for their comeback. Sandy Mölling, Lucy Diakovska, Jessica Wahls and Nadja Benaissa have their first joint appearance on the ARD show by Florian Silbereisen on Saturday.

For this, the four band members train hard – and go “beyond their limits”, as choreographer Cale Kalay has now revealed to the “Bild” newspaper.

“People will be amazed when they see the band on stage again! ©

 The y are still full of energy,” says Kalay, and continues: “We start every day with a hard work-out, then we start dancing. It is amazing how quickly the girls find their way back to their old power. “


 The  No Angels would start in a Cologne dance studio from eight in the morning and train for almost ten hours a day. According to the newspaper, there is only water to drink. At lunchtime, the singers would fortify themselves with vegetarian food. Cigarettes and alcohol are taboo.

“Total exhaustion” after comeback training

Diakovska said: “During the training, total joy contrasted with total exhaustion. We fell into bed with sore muscles every day.” Some even needed a physiotherapist. “I noticed that at the age of 44, none of this is as easy as it was at 25.”


 The  idea of ​​having the reunited girl band coached by Cale Kalay came from Christian Geller, the manager of No Angels. For the choreography he wanted the best “that Germany has to offer,” Geller told the newspaper.

Neue Version des Hits “Daylight in Your Eyes”

On the occasion of their 20-year stage comeback, Sandy Mölling, Lucy Diakovska, Jessica Wahls and Nadja Benaissa have reported back – with a new version of their debut single “Daylight in Your Eyes”. In 2001, their song and album “Elle’ments” took them to number one in the singles and album charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

It is still unclear whether there will be more new songs after the new “Daylight” version. “We’ll wait and see,” said Jessica in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”. “We take baby steps.”


 The  successful girl band formed in the first season of the talent show “Popstars” (2000). ©

 The  founding members were Nadja Benaissa, Lucy Diakovska, Sandy Mölling, Jessica Wahls and Vanessa Petruo. At the end of 2003 the girl group disbanded. In 2007 they celebrated a comeback without Vanessa Petruo. In 2010 Nadja Benaissa left. In 2014 they separated again.
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