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The ELGA infrastructure already implemented the “eMedication” in spring. It made it possible for patients to collect prescription drugs from a pharmacy without going to a doctor’s office beforehand. Around 7 million prescriptions were done this way every month.

Another step will follow in the National Council on Wednesday: New details of the electronic vaccination pass (e-vaccination pass) will be fixed due to Covid. For example, all corona vaccinations that have already taken place must be subsequently entered in the e-vaccination pass. And it is stipulated that with this registered vaccination you can also get internationally valid proof of the vaccination – for example in the form of a Q / R code.

It is noteworthy that, unlike the ELGA system, from which a health insured person can deregister, this is not provided for in the e-vaccination pass. Everyone gets one.

Ralph Schallmeiner, health spokesman for the Greens in parliament, sees this as almost imperative in order to improve the quality of health care. “At the moment we don’t know what the specific vaccination rate is for individual diseases such as measles. We can only estimate that based on the imported vaccination doses,” says Schallmeiner to the KURIER.

The compulsory vaccination certificate helps to control the various vaccinations more actively and to prevent the herd immunity from being lost. With Covid-19 in particular, it is essential for the state to know who has been vaccinated where and when.

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free takeaway tests ELGA objectors


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