No medals for Austria’s biathlon relays

No medals for Austria's biathlon relays

David Komatz, Simon Eder, Felix Leitner and Julian Eberhard only ended up in tenth place on Saturday after a penalty loop from starter Komatz and a total of six spare rounds. Dunja Zdouc, Katharina Innerhofer, Julia Schwaiger and Lisa Hauser finished seventh after 15 reloads. Both titles went to Norway.

 The  ÖSV women’s team was more than a minute behind the Scandinavians, who were victorious in 2019 and 2020. Silver went to Germany just ahead of Ukraine. Hauser and Co. were more than 50 seconds short of third place.

“Seventh place is pretty impressive. But we can’t be satisfied with 15 spare rounds, because Gerald (note: shooting coach Hönig) will still give a reprimand today,” said Hauser. © The  Tyrolean had only been able to make up one place after five spare rounds from Zdouc (13th place) and Innerhofer (10th) as well as their two from Schwaiger (8th) with three spare cartridges. But you hope that things will go better in the mass start on Sunday, said Hauser.

Like Eder, the Pursuit World Champion is the only ÖSV contribution in the final race. In the relay, Eder was powerless even without a miss, after he had taken over from starter Komatz after a penalty loop by the Styrian only in 17th place. “That is extremely bitter, unfortunately I took us out of the race early on. I am extremely sorry that I screwed it up so badly,” said Komatz, the usually safe shooter.

After him, Eder brought the ÖSV team up to tenth place. Leitner also sold well at the shooting range with only one spare, but still lost one position. Eberhard made up one place with two spare cartridges he needed, but he could not prevent one of the worst World Cup relay results in the last 20 years. “That doesn’t create any intoxicating feelings, we have already speculated that we can run up front, but unfortunately we didn’t perform well today,” said Eberhard.

© The  top favorite Norway secured the victory with the Bö brothers well ahead of the Swedes and the Russians, who are only allowed to compete under a neutral flag due to the doping scandal sanctions. In the women’s category, the other medals behind Tiril Eckhoff and Co. went to Germany and the Ukraine.



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