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“No understanding for people who stand in my way”


Katharina wants to go to Mykonos for the recall

For the remaining candidates from DSDS 2021, the whole thing is slowly becoming a thing of the past: Now it will be decided which of them can make the international call to Mykonos. One who has this goal firmly in mind: Candidate Katharina. For her DSDS dream, she is ready to give everything – and to walk over dead bodies. “I no longer understand people who stand in my way when it comes to my dream,” she says combative in the interview. Isn’t that a bit too much fighting spirit?

 The  video shows why the candidate stands out in the crowd anyway and how romantic she lives with fellow campaigner Marvin.

Katharina can count on the support of fellow campaigner Marvin

It is not the first time that the 26-year-old has stood in front of the “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” jury: she tried her luck ten years ago and at that time she succeeded not only with her voice but also with her loose mouth to win over the jurors. How far will she take her brash style this time?

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