Novak Djokovic: injury got worse

Novak Djokovic: injury got worse

Dhe abdominal muscle injury of Australian Open winner Novak Djokovic has worsened with his continued participation in the tournament. “ The  damage is greater than it was when it happened, and I had the first MRI,” said the world number one on Monday after another examination in Australia. “But it’s not too bad, say the doctors. But I have to take a break for it to heal. © The  crack is bigger. ”

In his third-round game against the American tennis player Taylor Fritz, the 33-year-old Serb suffered an abdominal muscle injury, but continued to take part in the tournament and secured his ninth Australian Open title on Sunday.

Only after the victory in the final against the Russian world number three Daniil Medvedev did he reveal that he had torn a muscle and thus disclosed the diagnosis.

Djokovic was criticized during the tournament, there had been speculations about the severity of the injury. © The  18-time Grand Slam tournament winner called the handling of him “a little unfair”.

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Novak Djokovic injury worse


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