Number of infections has risen to over 2,000



 The  crisis team of the state of Upper Austria registered 2,039 current cases of CoV infections on Monday (as of 8.30 a.m.). After the first week of school attendance, the Education Directorate takes stock: almost all of the schoolchildren came.

© The  joy of the children and young people that they are allowed to go back to school seems to be quite great. According to the Education Directorate, almost all students came to face-to-face classes in the first week of school after the lockdown.

Only 1.4 percent of the parents did not give their consent to the so-called “nose piercing test” and therefore kept their children at home. Overall, the coronavirus tests at the schools would go quite well, the education department said on Monday. In the first week 163,349 students were tested, 38 of them with a positive result. 18,730 teachers and administrative staff also volunteered to take part in the nose drill tests. © The re were five positive cases here.

1,508 CoV patients have died since the start of the pandemic

According to the state’s crisis team, 2,038 cases of infections with the corona virus were known in Upper Austria on Monday (as of 8:30 a.m.). 4,371 people were in quarantine. 119 patients were treated in hospitals, 14 of them in intensive care units. 1,508 people have so far died in Upper Austria in connection with the coronavirus.

Infected in districts (Upper Austria, February 22nd, 8:30 a.m.)

Linz city 219
Steyr city 34
Catfish City 168
Braunau am Inn 242
Eferding 31
Freistadt 71
Gmunden 165
Grieskirchen 64
Kirchdorf 59
Linz-Land 175
Perg 109
Ried 83
Rohrbach 94
Schärding 121
Steyr-Land 57
Urfahr environment 64
Vöcklabruck 167
Catfish Land 115


 The  total number of CoV vaccinations carried out in Upper Austria was 96,142 on Sunday. 40,629 people have already received the second partial vaccination.

917 suspected cases of CoV mutants

As far as the virus mutations are concerned, there are still 13 confirmed cases of the British mutation in Upper Austria, but there are already 917 suspected cases – most of them currently in the Vöcklabruck and Linz-Land districts.

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Number infections risen


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