Numbers fall more slowly: Mutations could ruin shutdown efforts


 The  coronavirus is mutating. Variants from Great Britain, South Africa and Brazil are known. Some modifications of the British mutation in Bristol or Liverpool have already caused a sharp increase in infections locally.


 The  German virologist Martin Stürmer, lecturer in virology at the University of Frankfurt, is also watching this effect with concern. If the 7-day incidence in the state of Schleswig-Holstein was 49.1 on Friday morning, the district of Flensburg recorded a value of 177.45. For strikers it is clear: the mutation B.1.1.7 is responsible for this.

Every country has its own measures to contain the infections. If these take effect, you should see a relatively steep drop in the infection curve. ©

 The  fact that the mutations are more contagious means that, according to the striker, it may be that the curve no longer sinks but is heading towards a plateau. Thus, the existing measures are no longer sufficient – “at least not against the mutations”, explains virologist Martin Stürmer to “Focus”.


 The  virologist therefore sees two challenges. On the one hand, that the number of infections is leveling off at too high a plateau and, on the other hand, that the curve rises again because of the contamination caused by mutations. According to the striker, that would be the new corona turning point and the reversal of the current positive trend.

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Numbers fall slowly Mutations ruin shutdown efforts


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