Oculus Quest (2): Listen to Spotify while playing


Want to hear your Spotify music while playing with Oculus Quest? We’ll show you how.

Unfortunately, there is still no official Spotify app for Oculus Quest. With the following interim solution from Reddit user ConfusionJRPG, you can still stream your Spotify playlists into your VR glasses, even while gaming or hanging out in social VR apps. Requirement is a Premium Account.

How about Rammstein at Gorn, Rocky soundtrack at Thrill of the Fight or a little chill out at Puzzling Places?

Instructions: This is how you listen to Spotify with Oculus Quest (2):

Proceed as follows:

  1. Opens the Oculus browser.
  2. Go to spotify.com and log into your user account.
  3. Plays any song.
  4. Start the VR app in which you want to listen to Spotify music.

     The  music is usually interrupted.

  5. Turns off the music in the VR app, if available.
  6. Open the same Spotify user account on a smartphone or computer and select the output device: Web Player (Chrome).
  7. Voilà! You should now hear the Spotify music in the Oculus Quest. If you want to change the song, you have to do this on your smartphone or computer. You can adjust the volume with the computer and smartphone or Quest.

Have fun listening to music!

Source: Reddit, cover picture: Facebook

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Oculus Quest Listen Spotify playing


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