Off-road icon: Mercedes-Benz will reduce dealer margin for G-Class from March


Mercedes-AMG G 63. Photo: Mercedes

© The  box-shaped cult mobile has been built since 1979 and is currently being torn out of the hands of the trade – the manufacturer wants to benefit even more from this.


 The  high-horsepower, fuel-efficient and high-emission all-wheel-drive cars weigh heavily on the CO2 balance of the Mercedes fleet, the efficiency light of the G-AMG types is in deep red.


 The  top version costs more than 160,000 euros even as a “cash register model”, with popular optional extras quickly adding up to 200,000 euros.

Mercedes-Benz is reducing dealers’ margins in the business of its heavy-duty G-Class SUVs (W 463 series). “As of the order date March 1, 2021, a new uniform exploitation discount of 3 percent (including 1 percent factory share) applies to the customer segments Flottensterne 1+ (5GE) and commercial agents / franchisees (FHV),” says a letter from the ” Team Marketing Programs “of the Stuttgart Daimler brand. Business Insider has received the confidential message marked “High”.

Mercedes had previously granted the sales partners mentioned a recycling discount of five percent. Together with the 13 percent basic margin that the manufacturer grants retailers, a comfortable 18 percent margin can be achieved. Now this has dropped to 16 percent for sellers to operators of smaller fleets (fewer than four cars).

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In Mercedes circles, the surprising reduction in the recycling discount is due to two factors. On the one hand, the iconic G-Class – first launched in 1979, the year of the second oil crisis – is so popular in the Arab world and Russia that delivery times of one and a half years are not uncommon for some versions. “With a car that has been selling itself for over 40 years,” said a Mercedes-Benz partner in an interview with Business Insider, “the manufacturer would like to keep more in his pocket himself in these difficult times of corona and transformation. ”

On the other hand, the off-road box-type vehicles, which weigh tons, are comparatively thirsty and emit enormous amounts of carbon dioxide. For example, Mercedes-Benz specifies a combined fuel consumption of 14.4 liters per hundred kilometers for the 585 hp G 63 AMG. ©

 The  combined CO2 emissions are therefore 330 grams per kilometer. ©

 The  efficiency class is the worst of the eight eco traffic light categories, is marked in signal red in product information – and appropriately bears the abbreviation “G”.

“In view of the increasing penalties for such CO2 slingshots from the EU, Mercedes-Benz should be interested in refinancing at least part of it through the upcoming reduction in the discount,” said a G-Class seller.


 The  basic price of the Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG is 160,680 euros. But the majority of customers want a large number of expensive special equipment, the current price list on the Internet is no fewer than 89 pages. “That quickly adds up to well over 200,000 euros,” says the G expert, “and two percentage points more or less are therefore noticeably significant.”

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