Oli Pocher scoffs at bed video: “It’s really Heidi Klum at almost 50”


Oliver Pocher shows videos of Heidi Klum in his latest screen control. Image: Instagram / Oliver Pocher

Oliver Pocher makes fun of Heidi Klum: “You often think that your daughter has her Instagram account”

Heidi Klum shows herself to be very much in love with her husband Tom Kaulitz on Instagram. She regularly takes almost eight million people with her when the two of them are cuddling in bed, trying out lots of fun filters or spending a quiet Sunday in front of the television.  The  48-year-old regularly receives lots of hearts from her followers on her social media account, especially for her revealing recordings.

In an interview with “People”, Heidi admitted that her kids are not big fans of their mother’s intimate snapshots. “I’m definitely more open with my body and a sociable person. I come from Germany and don’t wear a lot of clothes,” she made clear. And further: “Sometimes they tap on me and say: ‘Mom, really?’ “But then she made it clear again:” Yes, really, that’s me. “She does not want to be restricted in her contributions – not even by her children.

Oliver Pocher has now shown the latest recordings of the model in his screen control. He was particularly cynical about what he thought of Heidi’s behavior on the internet.

Oliver Pocher talks about Heidi Klum’s latest recordings

First, Pocher said in his around 15-minute clip on Instagram: “Everyone can do what they want on the Internet and, despite the age difference, not everyone can be as happy as Heidi and Tom, who simply discovered the filters for themselves, and I want to show you that at the end of this week, because it looked like that . “

Subsequently, the comedian presented mostly videos of the couple that were made in bed. Huddled together, they showed what the filter market has to offer. © www.de24.news The  “GNTM” juror also recorded Tom while he was sleeping. Oliver Pocher then said ironically:

Oliver Pocher showed his followers the latest pictures by Heidi Klum. Image: Instagram / Oliver Pocher

By the way, daughter Leni has already commented on her mom’s online appearances in the past and explained in an interview with “Vogue”: “I always say, ‘Mom, that’s not cool’. © www.de24.news

 The  way you act is often cringy.” Heidi would also spend a lot of time in bed with Tom every day.© www.de24.news

 The  door is always closed and you are sleeping in your room”, said the 16-year-old.


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Oli Pocher scoffs bed video Heidi Klum


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