Oliver Pocher: Criticism from his wife Amira


Comedian Oliver Pocher is often criticized for his statements. Even his wife Amira Pocher is said to have suffered from his “screen control”!

You are actually considered a welded-in team! Oliver (42) and Amira Pocher (28) gave birth to their second child shortly after Christmas and have been in seventh baby heaven ever since. But one factor disturbs family happiness every now and then:  The  video posts that the comedian publishes on his Instagram account.

“I still have my own opinion”: What Amira recently had to say about her husband’s nasty videos, you can find out in the video above.

Whether in their joint podcast “© www.de24.news The  Pochers here!” or in Olli’s social media show “Screen Control”: © www.de24.news The  42-year-old is known for not mincing words. Influencers and famous personalities like Michael Wendler (48), Laura Müller (20) or Mike Heiter (28) in particular regularly get their fat off with him. However, wife Amira also suffers from this!

“Adoptive child Laura”: Here we show you what swipe Oliver Pocher could not avoid recently:

“Adoptive child Laura”: He could not resist the swipe

© ddp images / Sven Simon; Instagram / oliverpocher; BUNTE.de

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Amira Pocher: “I get death threats”

In a live Instagram video, the mom of two openly admitted that she occasionally feels the consequences of her husband’s controversial statements. © www.de24.news The  attractive brunette explained: “People don’t check that I get the same criticism as Olli. Because the people he attacks don’t somehow have 200 followers, they sometimes have half a million to two million followers. And the people, they all pounce on me or on him. ”

What has Amira had to put up with so far? © www.de24.news The  28-year-old revealed: “I get death threats, my children are insulted, I am insulted. People stand in front of our door and throw eggs at my car. I am harassed every day.” She added with a serious look: “At the beginning it was very difficult for me. Especially the first lockdown, when it all started, that was really bad. At the beginning it hurt me so much that I really didn’t open my mailbox for four months. © www.de24.news The n I felt great and now it’s a little quieter. ”


Oliver Pocher

Oliver Pocher
Media expert: “Broke many taboos, knows no inhibitions”
Whatever comedian Oliver Pocher does, the fans love his kind of humor – especially the swipes at influencers. A media expert is more critical.

Natascha Ochsenknecht criticizes Oliver Pocher: “That is bullying”

Ex-jungle camp participant Natascha Ochsenknecht (56) also criticized Oliver Pocher’s online show in the live stream. She said: “I think the ‘screen control’ is basically great. I have also advertised products where afterwards I thought: ‘Wow, you’ll save them next time.’ You learn from that and don’t do it anymore – it doesn’t have to be. But sometimes I really think: ‘Dude, what’s he getting out of there ?!’ That’s just bullying for me. ”

Again angry speech! You can see in the video below which arguments Oliver Pocher railed against influencers who make money with their children.

Again angry speech: Now he's railing against influencers who make money with their children

© Franziska Krug/Getty Images; BUNTE.de


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