Olympus Germany: This is how the camera brand will continue


 The  transfer of the imaging business from Olympus to OM Digital Solutions is complete. So far, the new owner has clearly committed himself to the Olympus brand and its continuation, but has avoided detailed statements about new products and services. © www.de24.news

 The y are now from OM Digital Solutions Germany.

It is a long tradition at Olympus Germany to meet with the community once or twice a year. But round tables, trade fairs and other events have not been able to take place for months, the corona pandemic forbids it. And so Olympus Germany invited to a virtual meeting last week. It was sent via Youtube, the recording can be viewed there continue to be viewed (Start at approx. 26:00).

Right at the beginning of the program, Olaf Kreuter, Head of Marketing and PR at OM Digital Solutions Europe, makes it clear: © www.de24.news

 The  brand name Olympus will remain with the new company for the time being. And so in the course of the evening they talked about Olympus and not about the company behind the brand.

A new camera and two new lenses every year

It was long speculated which camera family will be continued (and which possibly will not), but now there is clarity: New models are planned for the OM-D, PEN and even the Tough series. Whether there will be a PEN F Mark II remains to be seen.

But Olympus promises: Development activities will be intensified, and in future there will be a new camera model and two new lenses every year. Like practically every camera manufacturer, Olympus will concentrate on higher-priced professional and high-end models. And sharpen your profile even further, on cameras for telephoto and macro shots in the areas of wildlife, sport, landscape.

A new camera with a “wow factor” is due to arrive this year, details were not available. © www.de24.news

 The  market launch of the 8-25mm F / 4.0 is imminent, and a macro lens with a focal length of approx. 100 millimeters could also come this year.

At the first online community meeting, Olympus not only looks ahead, but also keeps an eye on products that are no longer available. Even after the camera business has been transferred, service and repairs should continue to be possible for at least ten years after a product has been discontinued.

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Olympus Germany camera brand continue


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