On target: A strong LASK knocks out committed Admirers – Bundesliga

On target: A strong LASK knocks out committed Admirers - Bundesliga

On the 18th matchday, FC Flyeralarm Admira met LASK in the tipico Bundesliga. And the Linz team managed to secure third place in the table with Sturm Graz losing to Wolfsberg. For long stretches the guests in the southern part of the city had everything under control. In the immediate final phase there was really hectic again. After the controversial 0: 2 in the 86th minute, Admira was able to reduce it to 1: 2 in the last minute. Which was ultimately the final score.


(9th minute: Andreas Gruber, who later retires injured, has just scored the leading goal in Linz to make it 0-1)

© www.de24.news The  LASK can submit quickly

© www.de24.news The  people of Südstadt have recently shown an upward trend. © www.de24.news

 The re are in Wolfsberg a narrow defeat. But before that, in Ried and at home against Altach, they managed four points To bring credit side. But that also applies to the Linzers, those with victories in St. Pölten and against Sturm, able to secure third place. LASK, including the injured Schlager and Filipovic missing, has, unsurprisingly, focused its attention from the start. But also for the Burić troops there is no reason to hide. With the first chance of scoring, the score is 0: 1. 9th minute: Andrés Andrade serves Andreas Gruber, who gives LASK an early lead with his 5th goal of the season. © www.de24.news

 The  goalscorer must then be replaced by Husein Balic, injured five minutes later. In the 16th minute, Marcus Maier gets the first Admira deal, but keeper Tobias Lawal has few problems. In the following, the Lower Austrians can hold a candle to the Thalhammer men. You neutralize yourself over long distances, with scoring chances you keep covered on both sides. Up to the 32nd minute, the compensation is in the air. Dominik Starkl sees Matthias Ostrzolek, who then finds his master in goalkeeper Lawal. Five minutes later it is LASK’s turn again, but the Goiginger shot can defuse goalkeeper Leitner. In the 43rd minute Andrew Wooten was “served” by goalkeeper Lawal, but he could not benefit from it – halftime score: 0: 1.


(LASK players Philipp Wiesinger and Dominik Starkl had some tough duels)

Admira sells dearly

With a bit of delay, the encounter picked up speed in the first half. Accordingly, there is also hope that this will continue in the second round. © www.de24.news

 The  outsider can be expected to tear something against LASK. As a result, the guests also want to hit the second goal as quickly as possible. 52nd minute: Marvin Potzmann has the chance to make the preliminary decision – but the end of the line is keeper Andreas Leitner. Subsequently, the game falls back into the old knitting pattern. Which means that there are hardly any dangerous scenes. © www.de24.news

 The  Südstadters know how to annoy LASK. But the gap in the consistently operating Linz defensive network cannot be found. So it happens that the Upper Austrians develop an advantage that can almost be crowned with a goal in the 71st minute. Reinhold Ranftl shines as an assistant, but Thomas Goiginger only hits the goal post. So it happens that the chance of the Südstadters, who are now under pressure, remains alive. But the straggler, despite hard efforts, does not get any real opportunity in the second section. In the final minutes, however, things really go well again: 86th minute: Goiginger marks the 0: 2. Eggestein appears to be in an offside position, which was not the case because he did not touch the ball. 90th minute: Atanga with the pass to the substitute Luca Kronberger, who shortened to 1: 2. In the 94th minute, Admira found the opportunity to make it 2-2. Max Sax does not put the leather in the box – final score: 1: 2. In the next round, Admira will have the home right on Saturday, February 27th at 5:00 p.m. against the WSG Tirol. At the same time, LASK is the host against Hartberg.


BSFZ Arena, no spectators, SR: Josef Spurny (Vienna)

FC Admire: Leitner, Auer (88th Breunig), Bauer, Aiwu (78th Kronberger), Ostrzolek, Datković, Kerschbaum, Maier, Atanga, Starkl (59th Sax), Wooten

CALCULATION: Lawal, Wiesinger, Potzmann (61st Renner), Trauner, Ranftl, Andrade, Michorl (91st Grgic), Gruber (14th Balic), Holland, Eggestein (91st Plojer), Goiginger

Goal sequence: 0: 1 (9th Gruber), 0: 2 (86th Goiginger), 1: 2 (90th Kronberger)

Yellow cards: Atanga, Leitner, Burić (TR) and Trauner, Wiesinger, Michorl, Andrade

strongest players: Leitner, Datković, Maier and Wiesinger, Trauner, Goiginger

Voice of the game:

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Photocredit: Josef Parak

by: Ligaportal/Roo

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target strong LASK knocks committed Admirers Bundesliga


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