One failure and four new ones: These professionals dance in “Let’s Dance”


One failure and four new ones
 The se professionals dance in “Let’s Dance”

It starts in around two weeks: On February 26th, “Let’s Dance” starts its 14th season with the introductory show. Now it is also clear which professionals will support the dance-mad stars on the floor – and which will not: Unfortunately, one of the audience’s favorites is canceled.
Dear “Let’s Dance” fans: Sit down, take a deep breath and maybe drink some soothing tea. Professional dancer Massimo Sinató will not be part of her favorite format this year. He announced that himself via Instagram.

According to his post, he decided “with a heavy heart” not to dance with the 14th season. ©

 The  reason for this, however, is all too understandable: his pregnant wife Rebecca Mir.

Cheer along and keep your fingers crossed

“This year I will become a father for the first time and I would like to use every moment to support my wife in this new phase of life and to concentrate fully on the coming time as a father-to-be,” writes Sinató. He wishes his “Let’s Dance” family a successful season and this year he will cheer from home and keep his fingers crossed for his colleagues.

But the audience doesn’t have to do without the 40-year-old completely. At least in the introductory show on February 26th, he will “swing the dance floor again” to perform for the audience at the start of the season, says Sinató, who has been an integral part of the format for eleven years.


 The se are the debutants

Meanwhile, RTL announced all 14 professional dancers who will support the celebrities in this year’s “Let’s Dance” season. ©

 The se include four dancers who are making their debut on the show.

Patricija Belousova, Alexandru Ionel, Malika Dzumaev and Pasha Zvychaynyy are the newcomers to “Let’s Dance”. Belousova grew up in Lithuania and has lived in her adopted home Germany since 2019. She dances with her dance partner and partner Alexandru Ionel, who will also be making his “Let’s Dance” debut in 2021. Together they are German runner-up in standard dance.

Ionel is originally from Moldova. ©

 The  dentist started dancing at the age of seven. Born in Russia, Malika Dzumaev has danced successfully for several years in the disciplines of standard and Latin up to the highest class. Pavel “Pasha” Zvychaynyy, also a native Russian, moved to Germany at the age of 14 for his dance career and school education. At 21 he switched to professional dance sports.

Surplus of men on the floor


 The se four are joined by experienced professionals from the show: Renata Lusin, Christina Luft, Kathrin Menzinger, Marta Arndt, Vadim Garbuzov, Evgeny Vinokurov, Christian Polanc, Valentin Lusin, Andrzej Cibis and Robert Beitsch.

This season there is a surplus of men among the professionals, as celebrity candidate Nicolas Puschmann, known from the gay dating show “Prince Charming”, will dance with a man. Also present as candidates are ex- “Tagesschau” head spokesman Jan Hofer, the former Monrose singer Senna Gammour, ex- “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” participant Vanessa Neigert, singer Ilse DeLange, Ballermann singer Mickie Krause, actress Valentina Pahde , Actors Erol Sander and Auma Obama, the older half-sister of former US President Barack Obama.

In addition, presenter Lola Weippert, model Kim Riekenberg, professional boxer Simon Zachenhuber, soccer star Rúrik Gíslason and “Formula 1” presenter Kai Ebel will demonstrate their dancing talent. Which star will work with which professional dancer is revealed in the introductory show.

“Let’s Dance” can be seen every Friday at 8:15 p.m. on RTL from February 26th. ©

 The  program can also be viewed at any time on TVNOW. You can also find more information about the show at

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