One year of Covid-19: spines that attach to cells


Is it even a living being?  The  biologists disagree on this. What is certain is that its development obeys the driving forces of evolution: mutation and selection. You also determine its diversity.

© The  main actor in the pandemic is mindless and genderless, it is not an individual but a collective, a huge army of an estimated two trillion soldiers. © The  British mathematician Kit Yates recently calculated this number – and the fact that all currently existing Sars-CoV-2 viruses would fit in a Coke can.


 The se viruses are not all created equal, not at all, and most importantly not constant. ©

 The y are constantly changing as they reproduce (with our involuntary help) by copying. Simply because in the course of this copying – which should better be called copying – mistakes happen which are called mutations.

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year Covid19 spines attach cells


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