One year of the CoV pandemic: doctor advises vaccination


 The re was a certain helplessness caused by the powerlessness in the face of the new disease. © The  LKH Graz II has been one of the central Styrian hospitals for the treatment of Covid patients since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Natalija Cokic, the local head of the department for anesthesiology and intensive care medicine, reports in a Sunday conversation with editor-in-chief Wolfgang Schaller that the situation in the hospital has improved – it is stable at the moment.

Age changed, treatments improved


 The  age of patients in intensive care units has changed: “I can say that the patients are seven years younger than in the first wave in March. And if you look at it from October to January, seven years result in an average age of 62 and two thirds are male. “

Intensive care physician Natalija Cokic in a Sunday conversation with editor-in-chief Wolfgang Schaller


 The  treatments have improved, said Cokic. Nevertheless, those who have recovered would need an incredibly long time to fully recover: “©

 The y learn again to activate their muscles and really need a lot of physical therapy – I don’t just mean pulmonary physiotherapy, pulmonary breathing therapy, but all of the muscles, your own Fitness level – you can’t compare that with other illnesses. This is not just a disease of the lungs or any other organ, but really affects the entire body. “

Vaccination recommended by Cokic

Like her colleagues at work, the intensive care doctor has already received a CoV vaccination. Her experience with it: “I only had a local reaction, the second time a little more, you saw it a bit, but that’s it. Otherwise I was completely normal as always. We were vaccinated with Biontech / Pfizer. But many colleagues did have side effects: fever, chills. But we have accepted it all – it is in the package insert, we have been informed. It wasn’t anything unexpected. ”

Cokic would recommend a vaccination in any case, the side effects would be in no relation to the suffering of those suffering from the coronavirus in the intensive care unit.

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year CoV pandemic doctor advises vaccination


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