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Oops! Charlotte Maihoff can be seen on RTL Exclusiv


“RTL Aktuell” presenter Charlotte Maihoff accidentally in the picture

It is 6:37 pm, “RTL Exclusiv – Das Starmagazin” is running in the RTL program. So far, so normal: RTL presenter Charlotte Maihoff is being prepared for the subsequent news program “RTL Aktuell”, the technician quickly checks whether the microphone is in place – when a small technical breakdown occurs in the joint studio. What actually happens behind the scenes can suddenly be seen in the live image on RTL Exclusiv.

“I love such moments!”

Bella Lesnik is moderating the next program on RTL Exclusiv when her colleague unexpectedly appears next to her in the picture. “I only saw out of the corner of my eye that there was someone else in the picture and at first I wasn’t sure if I was just imagining it,” said Lesnik after the broadcast.

“I think moments like this are great! You can tell that we are broadcasting live. With us it just happens in quick succession. While I am still telling the celebrities, the news colleagues are getting ready. And today everyone could watch it live for a brief moment . ” Both programs that follow each other are broadcast from the same studio.

Charlotte Maihoff: “Live is live”

Lesnik’s colleague also took the premature appearance in front of the TV cameras with humor: “Live is live and Bella Lesnik did a great job,” commented Charlotte Maihoff on Instagram. With a twinkle in her eye she added: “Maybe we’ll finish the show together, next time?” So switching on is worthwhile – as always!

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