ORF “Salzburg heute” is Austria’s first news program to receive the Austrian Ecolabel


BM Gewessler presented the award in the new “Salzburg heute” television studio of ORF Salzburg

Vienna (OTS) Efforts for the environment and nature are recognized with the Austrian eco-label. As the first daily news broadcast, “Salzburg heute” has now been officially awarded the Austrian Ecolabel. Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler presented ORF State Director Christoph Takacs personally on February 22, 2021 in the presence of LH Deputy. Dr. Heinrich Schellhorn and LR Mag.a Daniela Gutschi received the certificate.

First daily ORF news program awarded

© www.de24.news The  most popular TV information program in the state is thus the first daily news and magazine program in Austria that meets the strict criteria of “green producing”. Taking into account comprehensive environmental measures, the contributions for the live broadcast “Salzburg heute” and the TV format itself are produced daily in the Salzburg regional studio of ORF “green”.

© www.de24.news The  environment always in focus

© www.de24.news The  Landesstudio Salzburg has been taking concrete steps to achieve sustainability for many years. This includes trend-setting adaptations in the areas of mobility, the environment, energy and technology in the production of “Salzburg today”.

Benefiting from the central location of the state studio in the city of Salzburg, it is easy for employees and guests to travel there on foot, by bike or by bus. © www.de24.news The  stop of the public transport network is in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the state studio.

Minimizing the ecological footprint through environmentally friendly measures

Business trips by train and aerial photography using environmentally friendly drones have long been a matter of course. Energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in the power supply as well as the feed-in of self-produced electricity from the photovoltaic system on the roof are just a few examples of the sustainability of ORF Salzburg.
© www.de24.news The  recent general renovation of the ventilation system, the complete conversion to energy-saving LED lamps, an environmentally friendly office management, among other things by reducing the number of printers and digitization, as well as the maintenance of the studio space also underline the harmony of the Salzburg state studio with environmental considerations.
All plastic beverage bottles were also eliminated and replaced with water dispensers and cups that were specially personalized for the employees. In addition, there are no disposable dishes for the employees, which leads to an enormous reduction in plastic.
Not least in the mask, which is important for television recordings, the Salzburg state studio relies exclusively on the use of natural cosmetic products.

Green Urban Mobility

Whenever possible, car pools are formed for filming. Bicycles, an electric scooter and an electric car are available to the teams for this and for official channels. In addition to the existing electric charging station, additional in-house charging stations are already being planned, where employees and guests can charge their electric vehicles using an RFID card. In addition, the regional studio plans to switch to electric cars for future vehicle purchases.

Nature is very important

Since its opening in 2012, the garden of the Salzburg State Studio has been characterized by its uniqueness with around 40 old tree varieties and their abundance of fruits, an idyllic garden pond, a flower meadow, two beehives, a large insect hotel and a variety of fruit bushes. Today the television garden is a habitat for countless animal and insect species – neighbors’ chickens also feel at home there. © www.de24.news The  large garden is open to the public and is available to visitors and employees from sunrise to sunset to snack and linger.

For this natural design, the ORF television garden received the first “Nature in the Garden” badge in the state of Salzburg in October 2020.

New television studio requires ten times less electricity

“Salzburg heute” has been broadcast from the redesigned television studio for a week – thanks to the use of environmentally friendly materials and innovative technology, it now needs ten times less energy and thus makes a further contribution to sustainability. This is achieved primarily through the use of the most modern, energy-saving LED technology.

In addition, all colleagues are equipped with the necessary digital infrastructure including laptops, so that agile, mobile and autonomous work is not only possible in the office, but also at any location with or without the Internet. This means that the way to work between the office and the individual residence can be significantly reduced.

This joint intensive effort by the # 3Medien1Team from ORF Salzburg to protect the environment and sustainability was honored today with the award of the Austrian Ecolabel. Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler personally congratulated State Director Christoph Takacs today during the award ceremony for this important contribution to environmental protection and says:

“Creating a climate-friendly future is our big task. In the fight against the climate crisis, we need the entire instrument case. Companies like ORF can implement many specific climate protection measures and also achieve a lot in day-to-day operations, for example within the framework of an eco-label certification or with environmental management systems or by participating in the klimaaktiv programs. That is good for our climate and ensures future-proof jobs. I am particularly pleased that the series ‘Salzburg heute’, the first daily ORF news program, was awarded the Austrian eco-label for green producing. “

Alexander Wrabetz, ORF General Director:
“Despite Corona, climate change remains the most existential threat the world is currently facing. © www.de24.news The  ORF installed a clear climate and sustainability strategy back in 2007. I am very pleased that ‘Salzburg heute’ is the first series broadcast to receive the Austrian eco-label and that ORF Salzburg is making a major contribution to environmental awareness. “

Deputy Governor Heinrich Schellhorn, responsible for the environment, climate and energy:
“I would like to congratulate ORF Salzburg on receiving the Austrian Ecolabel. With the environmentally friendly production of the program ‘Salzburg heute’, ORF Salzburg makes a valuable contribution to sustainability. We all need environmental and climate protection. If each and every one of us helps to conserve resources and save energy, then we will be able to make our federal state climate-neutral and sustainable by the year 2050. © www.de24.news The  Austrian Ecolabel is a supportive drive and a sign of appreciation for a successful commitment. “

Provincial Councilor Daniela Gutschi, responsible for nature and the national park:
“I congratulate the team from ‘Salzburg heute’ and all of our Salzburg ORF employees on this award. I am pleased that you are very conscious of our resources in the production of your reports and that you provide targeted information on regional sustainable topics. With your reporting you also ensure that knowledge is conveyed to more than 120,000 viewers every day. I am delighted both as a state councilor for education and as the person responsible for nature conservation and the national park! “

Christoph Takacs, Regional Director ORF Salzburg:
“Striving for innovations in the interests of our users and our employees has always been and is a priority in the Salzburg regional studio of the ORF. In this regard, sustainable action naturally forms a supporting pillar in terms of climate protection and thus the common good. I am delighted that ‘Salzburg heute’ is the first daily news and magazine broadcast on ORF to receive an award from Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler. We see this primarily as a mandate to continue on this path as a media example and to intensively advance our efforts for climate protection. “

Pius Strobl, Leiter Corporate Social Responsibility im ORF:
© www.de24.news The  greater the challenges for us as a company, the more innovative are our answers. Green producing is therefore the order of the day. I congratulate the Landesstudio Salzburg on this milestone, Austria’s first ‘green’ daily broadcast. After the Eurovision Song Contest, this is another lighthouse project and the right path to climate neutrality and sustainability on ORF. “

Anita Malli, ORF sustainability officer:
“In addition to initiatives in the program such as MUTTER ERDE, the Salzburg State Studio has also been taking steps towards sustainability in its own company for many years. After the Salzburg television garden and the in-house photovoltaic system, the state environmental label for green producing for ‘Salzburg today’ was a great success. It is the starting signal for green producing as the new standard. “

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ORF Salzburg heute Austrias news program receive Austrian Ecolabel


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